Love for Connoisseurs Album Production Credits

(Gut String Records)

Produced by Angela Verbrugge
Associate Producer: Caity Gyorgy
Arrangements: Miles Black, Caity Gyorgy, Angela Verbrugge, and the co-composers
Co-Composers: Ray Gallon, Nick Hempton, Ken Fowser, Neal Miner, Miles Black, Saul Berson
Recorded: Monarch Studios, Vancouver, March 30, 2021
Audio Engineer: Dave Sikula
Additional Recording: Ryan Enockson
Mixing/Mastering: Ryan Enockson
Photography: Cassidy Nunn
Hair/Makeup: Erin Bradley
Styling: Angela Verbrugge

"The Night We Couldn't Say Good Night" Album

Detailed recording credits

Produced by: Angela Verbrugge & Cameron Brown

Recorded: New York, NY. on August 2 and 3, 2017

Engineer: Chris Sulit, Trading 8s Recording Studio

Addt'l recording/mixing/vocal production in Canada 2018: Bill Buckingham, The Palace Studios

Mastering: Ryan Enockson, The Warehouse Studio, Bill Buckingham, The Palace Studios

Arrangements: Miles Black, Angela Verbrugge, Art Khu, Ray Gallon, Karin Plato

Album Graphic Design: Dan Mansell

Album cover photo: Karolina Turek

Song licenses: CMRRA (Canada), EasySongLicensing (USA)