If this is what the new generation of jazz diva has to offer, count me in. An all original set from a classic thrush that is sincere and doesn’t rely on iconography as a gimmick. Her whole presentation is a show stopper and you should be prepared accordingly. Playing like a dream come true, this lass with class is just going to bowl you over. Hot stuff throughout.”

— Midwest Record, Chris Spector

Enough's Enough
Music by Ray Gallon, lyrics by Angela Verbrugge
Recorded in Vancouver with Miles Black, Jodi Proznick, Joel Fountain, Dave Say

I'm Running Late 
Music by Ray Gallon, lyrics by Angela Verbrugge 
Recorded in NYC with Ray, Cameron Brown, Anthony Pinciotti

Below: Original lyrics by Angela for a composition by NYC bassist Neal Miner’s composition recorded in Vancouver in 2021.

Visit Angela’s Dropbox for Love for Connoisseurs, her 2022 album

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