"Angela lets her stunning vocals soar." 

James Pasinski (JPSMusicBlog)

<The Night We Couldn't Say Good Night is> "...beautifully patient and timeless."

Laurie Fanelli
(Interview coming soon!)

 "...with a vocal sound that’s bright and optimistic and also full of depth and nuance - welcoming the light but without denying the existence of the darkness. ...I for one, am glad that the door opened and Angela Verbrugge came through it."

Music writer (The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Playboy), author of nine books including Jazz Singing, and the award-winning A Biographical Guie to the Great Jazz and Pop Singers. He is a curator for Apple Music.

 "Quirky with a swing!" 

- JAZZ WEEKLY (sneak preview from a coming review)
Veteran critic George Harris

"The Night We Couldn't Say Good Night" is such a satisfying and solid musical statement. I love the singing, the material, the arrangements, and the band! The duet on "Interlude" ("Night in Tunisia") with pianist Ray Gallon is especially memorable."

Juno-award winning Montreal-based jazz guitarist

"I had the good fortune to assist somewhat in the arranging process for her debut album, and was impressed with Angela's creative impulses. She shines a new light on some classics, while presenting some challenging and often humorous original material. As a vocalist, Ms Verbrugge's acting skills clearly bring forth the lyrics in an engaging way".

award-winning jazz pianist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer, composer  (http://www.milesblack.com/)

"...a fine vocalist and an engaging performer who communicates a song's lyrics to the audience."

Retired Arts Reviewer, Vancouver Sun

"I had the pleasure of playing vibraphone in Angela's quartet. She has a warm, honey-hued sound and phrases so beautifully! She is a great composer, and writes songs that are both unique and fun to play."

Vancouver-based drummer and vibraphonist

"Angela's exuberance and warmth are qualities that you can count on when hearing her sing! It's always a pleasure to hear her interpretations of standards and her inventive way of finding music that is less explored, as well."

Jazz vocalist and pianist

"Angela is a strong up-and-coming talent on the Vancouver vocal jazz scene. She has stage presence that surpasses all of her contemporaries. In her hands every song becomes a story. Every show of hers is a ton of fun."

Artistic Director/Programmer of the Pats Jazz Series