Her art is her own, and she offers rare pleasures. She understands the song, not only as notes and syllables on paper, but also the heart-messages it sends us. She conveys tenderness, thoughtfulness, wit, and ardor: emotions and perceptions aimed right at us through her very human voice”

— JazzLives

Slainte presents Vancouver Island jazz artists: Angela Verbrugge and Ashley Wey with Jim Vivian

 — (NDT, UTC-02:30) — (NDT, UTC-02:30)

Slainte , 115 Duckworth St, , St. John's, NL A1C 1E9

“Cheers” in Irish is sláinte which is pronounced a bit like “slawn-che”. Sláinte means “health”. Vancouver Islanders are in town and presenting a delightful afternoon of vocal jazz while you enjoying Slåinte's exquisite cocktails, whiskies and expert preparations from the kitchen. Angela Verbrugge - vocals Ashley Wey - piano Jim Vivian - bass

Red Farm Cape Breton present Angela Verbrugge, Ashley Wey Duo

 — (ADT, UTC-03) — (ADT, UTC-03)

Red Farm, 1957 Kings Rd,, Sydney River, NS B1L 1C6

Enjoy a set with Vancouver Islanders Ashley Wey (piano) and Angela Verbrugge (vocals)!

Red Farm offers a restaurant and beer garden, and a huge event tent with 1800m2 where we will celebrate a huge seasonal event four times a year. SPRING FEST and or CANADA DAY PARTY, SUMMER FEST and OCTOBER FEST. The tent has the capacity to let more than 1000 guests celebrate these events together, independently from the influence of bad or good weather.

Past Events

Concerts and Engagements at:
London's Pizza Express Live Soho, Embassy of Canada Tokyo, six city tour of Japan, BFlat Jazz Club Berlin, Jazzbar Vogler, Cotton Club Hamburg, Nardis Jazz Club Istanbul, Badau Jazz Club Istanbul, Frankie’s Jazz Club Vancouver, the Rex Hotel and Jazz Club Toronto, Hermann's Jazz Club Victoria, Yardbird Suite Edmonton, Alvin's Jazz Club Calgary, Asylym for Art Calgary, GigSpace Ottawa, the Emmet Ray Toronto. 

Festivals: Since the launch of my concert-giving career in 2019 with the first album release, I have headlined at the Victoria International Jazz Festival, the Fort Langley Jazz and Arts Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival. I have children so haven’t been available in the summer until recently. 

Entertainment gigs at countless venues such as:
The Vancouver Club, the Hotel Grand Pacific Victoria, the Pan Pacific Hotel, the Sylvia Hotel, the Four Seasons Vancouver, Vancouver Fashion Week, Vancouver Yacht Club.  Jazz concert and dance events for the Japanese Heritage Society, UBC, Everybody Dance Ballroom.

Fundraiser/gala/corporate clients include: Rolls Royce, Atira Women’s Resource Centre, Tonari Gumi, Inspire Health, Help Portrait, Union Mission Gospel, Ivey Business School, Tesla, various law firms such as BLG LLP, UBC Properties Trust, and Wesbrook Village Marketing Association.