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"I had the pleasure of playing Vibraphone with Angela. She has a warm, honey-hued sound and phrases so beautifully! In addition, she is a great composer, and she writes songs that are both unique and fun to play."

“…a fine vocalist and an engaging performer who communicates a song’s lyrics to the audience.”

"Angela's exuberance and warmth are qualities that you can count on when hearing her sing! It's always a pleasure to hear her interpretations of standards and her inventive way of finding music that is less explored, as well."


"Angela is a strong up-and-coming talent on the Vancouver vocal jazz scene. She has stage presence that surpasses all of her contemporaries. In her hands every song becomes a story. And just when you think you've heard it all she pulls out her trombone and blows her audience away. Every show of hers is a ton of fun."

"Angela is a warm and engaging performer with an impressive collection of classic tunes. Her voice is clear and warm, and she is as gracious off stage as she is on."

"Angela brought her unique style and sound to Jazz Evensong at Brentwood recently and I was delighted with the vibe she and her quartet brought into our space.  There is a richness in her voice, an intensity in her tone, and a warmth in her presence that draws the audience into the depth of soul from which she sings."

"Since I began working at The Sylvia Hotel early in 2017, Angela Verbrugge has always been one of the guests’ favorite musicians. She is a beautiful singer with an adaptive style that suits any style of night, event or holiday.  Angela caters her performance to the whole crowd and has a nice balance of humor, fun and interaction.  She performed on Valentine’s Night with some softer ballads but also brings an upbeat groove on our busy Lounge nights. Angela, and the different bands that she works with, are always early and quick with set-up and tear down…and very mindful of the surrounding space. She has helped us improve our guest numbers in the Bar & Lounge thru her own Social Media pictures and spiels…and our Sales have risen because of this help. In conclusion, I am amazed at the overall value and utility that Angela has brought to The Sylvia.  She brings an ease of professionalism that is hard to find and the guests and staff love her!!"

"Our first time working with Angela was amazing. She made it easy and efficient to organize the show and delivered a classic and heart-warming performance."

"They were amazing!" (Angela with Steve Smith on bass and Sharon Minemoto on keyboard for a private event)

"Thanks to you and your band for a lovely night and performance at the Tesla dealership! The live music really made the networking event extra special and we look forward to having you sing at our next event at the Vancouver Yacht Club."

"Angela has been a personable, vivacious presence on the stage of our little venue. And her voice is a gift from above which she gives freely to her audience. What a joy when she sings!"

"Angela Verburgge is an amazing singer with lovely voice. She is professional and so great to work with! We will definitely have her perform for us again."

"We booked the verBrugge band to play at our firm black tie event two years in a row  The band (Angela, Sharon Minemoto, Steve Smith, Kristian Braathen) set up quickly and with no interference with our party, and the attendees thoroughly enjoyed the jazz.  It was a perfect accompaniment to our evening.  Angela was very professional and chose music that was perfectly suited to the event.  I would highly recommend the verBrugge band for corporate events."

"Verbrugge plays vintage jazz with passion, energy and verve.  Angela Verbrugge, has the chops and personality to bring to life music from a bygone era.”

"Angela Verbrugge and her jazz ensemble recently gave a wonderful performance in my venue.  The audience enjoyed them very much, the floor being crowded with smiling dancers.  All aspects of the performance were very positive, and I will certainly invite them to play again.  I think any audience will enjoy their performance. In terms of the staging/set up of my event, Angela and her group were very easy to work with and were able to accommodate all of the unique requirements of my venue and audience of dancers."

"Comments from visitors who signed the guest book include ‘wonderful’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘thank you’. The performance by Angela Verbrugge and the In the Mood Quartet was stunning. Angela, attired in period dress for our Remembrance Day event, could have stepped out of the ‘40’s and sang songs from that era to the accompaniment of the quartet instrumentalists. It was a wonderful way to set the tone for the afternoon." (Angela has performed at this event annually for three years.) 

"Angela Verbrugge recreated a genuine experience of the classic vintage sound for the audience. Their professional attitude and appearance added another merit to their outstanding musical performance.” 

“Angela's voice, stage presence and the obvious warmth that she projects is really cool. The audience thought it was superb and really dug Angela’s singing and the fact that she circulated through the club hooking them with her dazzling personality.”

"We were all so very grateful to have your energy and beautiful music!"

"Why don't you guys play here more often? If you need a reference, tell them to call me; you and your band are amazing! 604-875-1998"

"I have had Angela Verbrugge perform at our Help Portrait event (complimentary professional photography of the downtown eastside residents) for the last three years, and highly recommend her and her trio. Her consummate professionalism, sense of optimism and fun, and ability to engage what could be a tough audience is remarkable. She has a large repertoire and is able to call tunes that seem to open the hearts of the audience, young and old, of different nationalities and those clearly experiencing a range of personal problems, from poverty to addiction. She genuinely cares that the audience is with her, and engages with kids, sometimes gets people to sing along if that's what the moment calls for, and has some brief introductions about the songs that people enjoy. We had such enthusiastic response. Her beautiful singing voice, fantastic energy, and swingin' instrumental accompanists an absolute delight for staff, volunteers and participants."

"Thanks for your sparkly presence and for sharing your wonderful talent at our 2017 Black Tie Gala with the Coastal Jazz band (Cory Weeds, Oliver Gannon and Andre LaChance)."

Event Calendar

  • May 23, 2018
    Brentwood Presbyterian Evensong (Dan Reynolds-piano), Burnaby, BC
  • June 10, 2018
    St Andrew's Wesley Jazz Vespers (John Stetch-piano), Vancouver, BC
  • July 8, 2018
    Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver, BC
  • August 16, 2018
    Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver, BC

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